Exhibit space contract terms and conditions


  1. By applying for one or more booth, exhibitor agree to hold harmless the show organizers or any of the venues mentioned in this contract of any claims, financial or otherwise made by any individual or entity.

  2. Refund policy: No refunds will be issued if cancellation by exhibitor is made within 90 days prior to the show date. Balances must be paid in full 90 days prior to show date and all checks cleared by the established dates or your rental space will be cancelled. In the event of a cancella- tion, the event organizers reserve the right to sell the booth space to other exhibitors. Cancellation by exhibitor must be made in writing, by mail, email notification or fax transmission.

  3. The event organizers reserve the right to fully determine the eligibility of any company, person, product and or service in the exhibit area. Exhibitors are required to list in this contract products and or services that will be exhibited. Any changes must be informed to the event organizers in writing and are subject to approval. The event organizers will preserve the confidentiality of the exhibitors.

  4. The event organizers reserve the right to reject, eject or prohibit any exhibitor and representatives thereof for violation of these rules without any monetary refund.

  5. The event organizers will provide overnight security in the exhibit halls during the exhibition period, but assumes no liability for the loss or theft of any kind. Insurance is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Exhibitor shall carry and maintain during the period of the show, including move-in and move-out days, at their sole expense, personal injury and property damage coverage under a policy of general public liability insurance.

  6. Hold Harmless Clause: Exhibitors or outside contractors assume entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and save the event organizers, the venue, any convention center and its employees and agents against any claims losses, and damages to persons or property, governmental charges or fines, expenses and attorneys’ fees arising out of or caused by each exhibitor’s or outside contractors installation removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the exhibition, venue, convention center or a part thereof, excluding any such liability caused by the sole negligence of their employees and agents. In addition each exhibitor or outside contractor acknowledges that the event organizers, the venue or any convention center do not maintain insurance covering exhibitor’s property and it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor or outside contractor to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance covering such losses by exhibitor or outside contractor.

  7. Distribution of samples and promotional-type literature is fully restricted to the confines of the booth, and must concerned the products or services of the company registered on this contract unless authorized by event organizers in writing.

  8. The event organizers will provide: “a booth”, with measurements according to the “Booth Sizes and Prices” schedule, standard electricity, 3 week-end passes per 10’x10’ booth (There will be a charge of $35.00 for additional booth passes).

  9. Smoking in the exhibit hall is strictly forbidden. All federal, state and city laws pertaining to fire and safety must be observed and adhered to.

  10. The exhibitor if tattooing or piercing on premises agrees to use single-use needles and inks, to follow the sterilization standards and to maintain a clean workstation. 

  11. Exhibitor staff agrees to conduct themselves in a peaceful and harmonious manner as is appropriate to the integrity of attendees, fellow exhibitors, event management, the venue and any convention center.

  12.  In the event of any causes, beyond event organizers’ control, that prevent the exhibition from taking place or forces the exhibition to change locations or dates, the event organizers reserve the right to retain exhibitor payments/deposits. The event organizers will inform exhibitors of new location and dates.

  13. Although the event organizers will not guarantee a definite number of attendees, the event organizers agree to create a full effort in promoting the event to generate maximum attendance. Any announced number of attendees is an estimated and not a guarantee. All advertised promotional campaign effort is subject to change without notice to exhibitors.

  14. Exhibitors will indemnify the event organizers for claims arising between the exhibitor and the event rental. Exhibitors who prepare, distribute and or sell any food or beverage products hereby agree to indemnify the event organizers and the venue facility, for any claims or damages relating to the preparation, distribution, sale or consumption of such products.

  15. Exhibitors agree to be responsible for sales tax, business fees, government fines, and necessary licenses for sale of specific products and or performance of specific services during exhibition.

  16.  Exhibitors will not assign this share, contract or sublicense any part of the booth space herein provided without the express consent of the event organizers. No exhibitor is guaranteed exclusivity, unless done so in writing by the event organizers.

  17. Outdoor parking at venue is free on exhibit center area Exhibitors are responsible for any parking tickets if they are in a no-parking area.

  18. Exhibitors will be responsible for loading/unloading, setup, moving out and removal all material and equipment during specific hours as determined by the event organizers. Setup hours will be informed to exhibitors.

  19. During exhibit hours, exhibitor is required to keep at least one attendant in his booth. There will be absolutely no moving out allowed prior to the official end of the exhibition, unless so directed by the event organizers.

  20. Any matter not specifically covered in this contract shall be subject solely to the decision of the event organizers and will be communicated to the involved parties verbally or in writing, as the event organizers deem necessary.

  21. This contract will be official and acknowledged as valid when signed by representatives of the exhibitor and the event organizers. This will confirm the agreement to take exhibit space for the event selected in this contract. It is hereby agreed that the undersigned will abide by the rules and regulations printed in this agreement. Acceptance of this application by or on behalf of the show organizers shall constitute a contract.