Joshua Dobbs and the many dimension within black and grey.

Joshua Dobbs is a self-taught award winning tattoo artist established in Halifax. His black and grey tattoos are rad and his outlook is all about quality over quantity. Tattoo Nouvelle Ere his honored to have him with us for its second edition.

Here below we chat with Joshua about his work, his inspiration and his art. Keep reading to know a little more about him and is creative mind.

 TNE: Could you tell us a bit about yourself, what’s your story?

JD: From the time I was a child I knew I would be an artist in some form. All I cared about was skateboarding and drawing. Both things were a great outlet and a place for me to find purpose and a sense of belonging.


 TNE:  Which studio do you work at?

JD: Private studio


 TNE:  How long have you been tattooing for?

JD: 15 years


TNE:  How would you describe your style? Can you tell us about your main     Influences? (Tattoo artists and more)

JD: My style is in a constant state of evolution.  I used to think just black and gray was my style. Now deeper into tattooing I see there are many dimensions  deeper within black and gray. Lately  I have been moving away from no outline realism and have been using  a lot more line work and contrast to build tattoos that will better stand the test of time and read well.


 TNE:  Can you recall what it was that drew you to this specific style?

JD: The minimalist approach of using only  black ink.  My mind gets flustered and over thinks when using colour. 


 TNE:  If you weren't a tattoo artist, what would you be doing professionally?

JD: Criminal or something physics related.


TNE:  According to you, is tattoo an art form or a craft? Please explain...

JD: Both. Depends on the person doing it . Their intention defines where they land on the spectrum .


 TNE:  What about other art forms? Do you practice any?

JD: Painting.   


 TNE:  What kind of music do you prefer while tattooing?

JD: Hip Hop. Acoustic. Dark depends on the vibe.


 TNE:  How/where do you find your inspiration?

JD: Inward and outward


TNE: What is your personal approach with your clientele? Do people need to know exactly what they want? Or they come with a bunch of loose ideas they need you to string together? Or do you prefer flash designs?

JD: Tell me what you don't want and some subjects you do want as well as the vibe of the piece and leave the rest up to me.


 TNE:  What are your prime life and work philosophy?

JD: Don't  be lazy! 


 TNE:  What are some of your best tattoo convention memories?

JD: The sober ones.


 TNE:  Do you have any tattoo related stories or exciting experiences you’d care to share with us?

JD: I once got tattooed by Freddy Negrete on my face while Mark Mahoney  tattooed Lady Gaga and paparazzi were outside the shop . That was weird and epic.

A great thank you to Joshua for answering our questions! :).

You can contact him on his website to book an appointment for the Nouvelle Ere Tattoo convention: